This is the reason why our window squeegee are so popular.
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This is the reason why our window squeegee are so popular.

Household cleaning is one thing that every household does. From the floor to the glass, we will use different tools. Brooms, mops, window wipers, etc. are indispensable.For window cleaning, many people will be bothered by the height. Conventional handheld window wipers simply cannot clean the upper part of the window and often require a ladder to be brought in to do so.Window scrapers with long rods can again become very arduous to clean for the bottom windows.

Therefore, we have introduced four sections of freely assembleable window scrapers. Fitted with a soft rubber handle used to clean regular windows. Without removing the handheld handle, an extension pole can be installed and used to clean tall floor-to-ceiling windows. Of course, you can also freely match according to different sites to achieve the use of all scenarios.

Introduction of window squeegee:

The handle of Window Squeegee can be adjusted by 33/48/62/67 inches, and the 67 inch long Window Squeegee allows you to easily clean windows that are high up.And The Squeegee comes with both positive and negative cleaning tools. You can first wet the window with a side covered with Coral velvet, and then wipe the water stains on the window with a side covered with silicone Squeegee to keep the window dry.

The coral velvet cloth included with Window squeegee can be used to dampen and wipe stubborn stains, while the chenille cloth can be used for window dust removal.Included Squeegee-container can be hung on the wall when you don't use Squeegee, saving storage space while ensuring a clean and beautiful home.


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