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Our Sotry

A group of people who love pets got together. We were all annoyed by our pets losing their hair, and we had a hard time vacuuming the floor to clean the hair, which must be a common worry for pet-owning families.
So we started to think about tools that would make it easy to clean up pet hair. Based on the products that are already available, we made improvements. Let pet hair loss no longer become a worry for everyone.

How to remove pet hair from furniture?

Are you bothered by the pet hair all over your home? Do you need to remove it several times a day with a bulky vacuum cleaner? We believe you have tried enough of the many lightweight pet hair brushes. We have developed a perfect pet hair cleaning brush. The soft TPR bristles allow you to easily remove the hair from the carpet, and the handheld TPR brush massages your pet while removing the floating hairs from its body.